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Pacing in ED – permanent and temporary

Pacing in ED is not technically difficult. Below is a presentation from today’s teaching.

The decision to commence pacing is challenging and can be a cause for hesitation.

Failure of chronotropic therapy and an inadequately perfusing rhythm e.g.bradycardia, complete heart block should prompt initiation of treatment.

Transvenous pacing is the gold-standard but requires a skill set not always available.

Follow the link to a power point presentation from today’s teaching with an overview of pacemakers and pacing in the ED. At the end are links which I have included below for convenience – or if you want more detail. Send in your comments as usual.

Pacing in ED


ED Inotropes

Choosing when to start, add or stop inotropes can be challenging.

On Tuesday we talked a bit more about the difference in actions and the uses of some of the inotropes we have in ED to use on our patients using a case presentation.

Open the presentation which I’ve added a bit more content to so it’s easier to follow if you weren’t there.

Please post any comments or questions.



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